Important questions you should be asking before booking your wedding venue.

While style and location are likely the first two things that attract you to a wedding venue, there are many details that should inform your final decision. We’re giving you 15 of the most important questions you should be asking a venue before you sign your contract.  

  1. How many hours are included in the space rental? How much would it cost to add additional hours to our rental, if needed? For a 5-hour wedding with a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, you’ll want a minimum of 8 hours in your rental.
  1. Is it possible to heat or cool the spaces onsite? Climate control is super important for weddings in the middle of winter or summer, you’ll want to keep yourselves and your guests comfortable!
  1. When does the venue open to vendors for set-up?
  1. Is there parking available to guests and vendors? If so, is there a cost to park?
  1. What is the maximum capacity and what feels the most comfortable?
  1. Is there an in-house or exclusive caterer?
  1. Do you have a list of approved vendors? Do we have to use your approved vendors? If not, are there requirements vendors need to meet if they are new to the venue?
  1. Are tables and chairs included in the venue? Do you have any tabletop items, furniture, or decor that are included in our package? 
  1. Are there any additional rentals we’ll absolutely need to secure? If the venue is outdoors, will we need to rent a tent or portable restrooms?
  1. Are there any additional fees we should plan to budget for? Venues will commonly charge clients separately for bartenders, coat checks, and even a cake cutting fee.
  1. Are there any restrictions on the type of alcohol that can be served? Will we need to apply for a banquet license to serve alcohol?
  1. Do you have any restrictions on decor? Do you allow real candles? Do you allow floral installations to be hung from the ceiling? 
  1. What is the backup plan for rain or inclement weather?
  1. Are there any other events happening on our date?
  1. What are your postponement and cancellation policies? 

Asking these questions will give you a fuller picture of each venue, and help you determine which ones will best fit your wedding vision and budget. It is crucial to get a clear understanding of the costs you may incur outside of the venue fee. For example, the venue fee may be within your budget but if the approved caterers are not, you may want to look elsewhere. 

Finding and signing with your venue is one of the most pivotal points in wedding planning. Your venue will determine your date, style, and likely your food and beverage options. 

Just starting off your venue search? Read our blog post on why it’s beneficial to include a wedding planner in your search!


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