Your wedding planner can help save you time, stress, and money during your venue search!

Finding the perfect wedding venue is tough when there are so many choices and factors to consider. Picking your wedding venue is also one of the biggest wedding decisions you will make, so why not include an expert in your decision?

Including your wedding planner in your venue search process can save you time, stress, and money! From venue suggestions, knowing what questions to ask, and even negotiating the contract on your behalf your wedding planner can help you navigate through the entire venue search and selection process. 

As wedding planners, we can make finding a venue miles easier. Beyond just coordinating venue tours, we bring a few valuable things to the table:
  •  A wealth of knowledge.  Your planner knows your vision, guest count, and budget and will be able to make suggestions for the perfect venue for you without you having to sift through dozens of venues online. 
  • Insider insights.  Chances are your planner has insider insights into local venues that will be helpful in your decision process. They will know which venues are wonderful to work with or which venue has the best spots for gorgeous pictures. Even if your planner hasn’t worked at a particular venue, there is a good chance they’ve gotten the scoop from other wedding vendors. 
  • Knowing the right questions to ask.  There are many questions you should be asking your wedding venue on your initial tour. Knowing what questions to ask is the best way to ensure you will find the right venue for your vision and budget. The more accurate information you have, the easier it will be to make a final decision and start planning the rest of your wedding. 
  • Help you stay within budget. First, you should have a clear budget before you start visiting venues. A planner will not only help suggest venues that fit with your budget, but they will also help ensure you understand all costs involved in the venue decision. Does your venue have tables and chairs or will you need to rent them? What about bathrooms for an outdoor venue? Do they have ample parking or will you need to hire a valet service? Your planner will also likely know the venue’s preferred vendors and can help you identify if their preferred vendors fall within your budget. 

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