Looking for ceremony floral arrangements that aren’t a standard arch?

Don’t get us wrong, all ceremony arches are good ceremony arches, but there are a number of options for couples looking for something different. If a traditional arch doesn’t feel like you, here are five alternatives for your wedding ceremony.

  1. Asymmetrical arch. Asymmetrical arches have become increasingly popular at weddings in the past few years. They provide the structure of an arch that helps define the ceremony space, but with a fun twist. They are also easier to move if you plan to re-purpose your ceremony florals into your reception.  Asymmetrical arches look great re-purposed at the entrance to your reception tent, behind your sweetheart or head table, or framing your cake table!

2. Grounded ceremony arrangements or Garden ceremony arrangements. Ground arrangements are a gorgeous alternative to traditional ceremony arrangements. Not only do they beautifully define your ceremony space, but they also surround you with beautiful blooms as you’re speaking your vows. A grounded arrangement brings attention to you, as you’re surrounded by flowers, rather than serving as the focal point.

3. Urns and Pillars. Lucious floral arrangements in urns on pillars can add architectural detail to your wedding ceremony. They’re versatile enough to work in nearly any ceremony location, indoors or outdoors!

4. Hanging floral installation. If your ceremony location allows, consider opting to hang your ceremony flowers for a cool floating installation. Hanging installations are an unexpected and visually compelling focal point for your ceremony!

5. Florals walls. If you’re going for a WOW factor a floral wall is sure to be a show-stopper! An abundant floral wall can serve as a beautiful, luxurious backdrop for your ceremony.

There are endless opportunities to get creative with your ceremony flowers. When choosing an arrangement it’s important to consider the look and feel of your ceremony space and your budget. And most of all choose whatever feels most like you!


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