Six ways to create wedding wow moments that will impress guests.

When it comes to our wedding design we all want to be memorable and impress our guests. That said, focusing on every small decor detail can be overwhelming.  The easiest way to create wow moments for your guests is to pick one or two areas of your wedding to invest in and let them be the focus of your wedding design. 

Below are 6 suggestions we’re taking straight from our couples. 

Photo Credit: Emily Gude
Photo Credit: Megan Graham
  1. The Bar. The bar is one of the most visited areas of your reception so it makes sense to focus your design on a place your guests will frequently visit. Rent a specialty bar like the Watergate from Something Vintage (pictured above!) or consider a mobile bar for a fun twist. 
Photo Credit: Victoria Heer
  1. The Dance Floor. Often times the dance floor is the heart of the reception and the spot where your guests will spend much of their time after dinner ends. Adding a focal point like a floral installation, or a custom dance floor wrap will draw your guests to the dance floor because they will want a closer look!
Photo Credit: Victoria Heer
  1. Show Stopping Ceremony. Your ceremony sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. In addition to showcasing your love and commitment to each other, it’s an opportunity to feature your style as a couple. And, don’t be afraid to stray from an arch! Consider a ground arrangement, urns, flower wall, or a hanging installation. 
Photo Credit: Victoria Heer
  1. Exciting Escort Cards. Your escort card or seating chart display is a fantastic design opportunity. All of your guests will need to (and want to!) stop to find their seat before they go into the reception. We love how this couple chose to make their escort card display a moment with an epic, custom wall adorned with flowers from their ceremony and bespoke playing card decks that pulled double duty as escort cards and wedding favors.  
Photo Credit: Luke and Isabel
  1. Late Night Bites. Delight your guests with a fun and unexpected late-night bite like these delicious ice cream sandwiches our couple had passed around the dance floor. Savory snacks like parmesan french fries, pizza bites, and sliders are guaranteed crowd-pleasers at weddings.
Photo Credit: Ashley Boyan
  1. Surprising Entertainment. Start your reception with an unexpected, fun moment to amp up the energy for your reception. We’ve seen couples do everything from surprise Chinese dragon dancers and Dabke drummers to cold stream fireworks. It’s always a hit! 

You can also check out our Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist or our Pinterest for inspiration on where you can enhance your wedding day design! 

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