Sweetheart table designs that will look amazing in photographs.

Your sweetheart table isn’t just the first place you share a meal as a married couple. It also allows you and your partner a moment of intimacy during your reception to cuddle up and soak in the celebration. 

Since your photographer is going to be focused on you, the sweetheart table will be heavily featured in your wedding photos. A dazzling sweetheart table can maximize a minimal reception design. 

We gathered a few sweetheart table designs that caught our eye!

Over the Top Flowers.  WE LOVE FLOWERS, we have said it before and will say it again. Flowers differentiate a wedding from any other event. If elaborate floral arrangements aren’t in your budget for the whole reception, focus your florals on your sweetheart table. 

Photo credit: Lena Mirisola Photography 

Lush Fabrics. Drape lush fabrics such as velvet, tulle, and silks to create an elevated look.  Also, don’t shy away from a pop of color! 

Photo Credit: Jana Williams

Candles & Lanterns. Create the perfect romantic glow with an abundance of candles and lanterns! Tip: use varying size and height candles to add extra drama and let your design spill over onto the floor. 

Photo Credit: Laura Watson

Signs & Sayings.  A personalized sign or romantic message is a great way to highlight your unique relationship on your sweetheart table. These high school sweethearts hung “It was always you” behind their table, which was both romantic and fitting! 

Photo Credit: Madeline Pere

Stunning Backdrops. Think beyond the table and focus on what goes behind it as well. From flower aches to fabric, table backgrounds make a picturesque place for you to spend your first couple of hours as a married couple.

Photo Credit: Emily Wren Photography

Couches & Creative Seating.  Not only is this trend gorgeous, it’s so, so comfy and cozy! Go for statement chairs or an upholstered loveseat so you can really cuddle up to your partner. 

Photo Credit: Jenny Quicksall 

Neon. This is a night for you to shine! There is something so fun and photogenic about a neon sign. Rent a premade sign or create something custom you can take home (what a fun addition to a home office or bar!). Either way, it is sure to be a wow moment. 

Photo Credit: David Campbell  

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your table design. A grand floral design and cozy seating will make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding!

Pro tip: If you have aisle florals during your ceremony these can sometimes be repurposed for your sweetheart table or other places in your reception. Your wedding planner can work with your florist on how you can repurpose your ceremony florals for your sweetheart table!

Lastly, for more table and reception inspiration check out our Pinterest board.


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