An easy guide to not overthinking your signature color palette.

Choosing your wedding colors sounds simple but it isn’t always an easy decision. This is why we have created a simple five-step guide to help you select your signature wedding color palette.

  1. Pick colors that you gravitate towards. If no “favorite color”  comes to mind, consider the colors you look best in, or colors in your home decor.  What do you have most in your wardrobe? What colors do you highlight in your home? Also, if you have a wedding inspiration board, revisit it, and make note if one color is appearing more than others. Chances are you’ll be excited to see that color on your wedding day.
  1. Match your wedding style. If your wedding style is bold, lean into it with bold colors. If you are looking for something classic, think about going with a softer or monochromatic palette.
  1. Consider your venue. Does your venue have bright blue curtains? Or gold trim? Chances are those aren’t going anywhere so you are going to want to ensure your colors don’t clash with the existing colors of your venue. 
  1. Consult your planner! Chances are your wedding planner has a collection of color palettes and can lead you in the right direction based on your unique wedding style. 
  1. Get out your color wheel.  Bust out a Benjamin Moore fan deck and see what colors catch your eye and which complement each other.  Another pro tip is to use gradients, i.e. multiple shades of the same color, to create an ombre palette. 

Choosing a wedding color palette is a fun part of the design experience! Our number one rule is to choose something that you truly love. You’ll see your wedding colors reflected in your design throughout your wedding days, and in your wedding photos after you’re married. Happy planning!


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