Tips to jumpstart your wedding planning as soon as you get engaged!

Congratulations, YOU ARE ENGAGED! Everything probably feels a little surreal right now. If you’re like most couples, you’re itching to get started with all things engagement – parties, photos, wedding planning – but you’re not sure where to start. 

This is probably the largest and most important party you will ever throw and most people have never planned an event larger than a birthday party before getting engaged.

To jumpstart your planning, we have pulled together 9 tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.
  1. Take time to celebrate! This can be in the form of an engagement party or some alone time with your new fiancé. You’re only engaged for a short amount of time so don’t forget to soak it all in! 
  1. Determine your budget. Kick-off your wedding planning by determining your budget. This will affect the rest of your planning process! Start by looking into the average cost of a wedding in your geographic area. Then, talk to your family and see if they are planning to help financially. Keep in mind that any way you cut it, a wedding is a luxury purchase! The best way to price out your dream wedding is to speak with an experienced wedding planner.
  1. Start the guest list. We almost called this one “how do you want to feel on your wedding day?”. After you’ve hammered out a draft budget, sit down with your fiancé and talk about what kind of celebration you want to experience. Do you want the party of the century with all your friends, family in attendance, intimate reception with 25 of the people you’re closest to, or something in the middle? You will want to know your wedding size before you start looking at venues. 
  1. Snag your venue early! Wedding vendors book one to two years in advance so commit early to your dream vendors, especially if your wedding date falls within peak season.  You are going to need to book your venue before you can assemble the rest of your dream team so don’t wait on your venue search. This is also where your wedding planner will be critical! 
  1. Talk about your date. While you can’t book an exact date until you’ve nailed down your venue you should narrow it down to a time of year.  This will be important when looking at venues and affects your overall design.
  1. Hire a planner. If you plan on hiring a professional planner do it early on. They will help you through every step, from allocating budget to vendor recommendations. Even if you only need someone for Wedding Day Management we recommend locking them in early. 
  1. Start gathering inspiration. If you don’t have a Pinterest account this is the time to make one. Start looking online and in bridal magazines to figure out your style.
  1. Decide on your wedding party! Figure out who you want to be by your side on your big day and ask them to be part of your wedding party. Having your wedding party assembled helps you feel like you have a support system! 
  1. Delegate! We’re seeing more couples share their wedding planning duties equally but, more often than not, one partner takes on the majority of the planning. If that sounds like you, start delegating to your fiancé, reliable, close friends or family members early and often. Could your fiancé find 3 song options for your first dance? Could your parents pick up postage for your wedding invitations? Share the love, and the work.

While we know you are excited to get planning, remember not to rush into it without taking some time to celebrate with your fiancé, friends and family! 


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