There’s anxiety attached to receiving a wedding invitation to an event you can’t (or don’t want to) attend, so I spoke with Bustle on how to politely decline!

In reality, declining a wedding invite is simple and likely won’t be ruinous to your relationship with the couple. Most couples plan for certain amount of attrition. They know about 30% of their guests (or more if their guests are coming in from out of town) won’t be able to make their wedding for one reason or another. In fact, they’re usually banking on it.

The most polite way you can decline a wedding invitation is sending in your RSVP via the couple’s preferred method, whether that be through the mail or an online portal, before the deadline. That’s it, really! Couples in the middle of planning a wedding are juggling a mind-boggling amount of details. Tracking responses from 100+ people can be overwhelming, especially if they haven’t hired a wedding planner. They will be grateful that they won’t have to chase you down for an answer!

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