A list of essential wedding day signage, plus some fun-to-haves!

Your day-of signage helps guests know what to expect and where to go during your wedding day. It can also enhance your overall wedding day design. In this guide, we break down all the wedding signage and stationery must-haves and items you may want to consider. Scroll on for shopping recommendations, tips for ordering your wedding signage and stationery, and more! 

Ceremony Signage and Stationery 

Welcome Sign 

This sign welcomes your guests to your wedding and lets them know they are in the right place. 

Do I need it? They are optional, but many couples do have a welcome sign! 

Tip: We recommend ordering an 18×24” welcome sign. If you order a welcome sign you will need to have an easel for it or some way to reliably prop it up! Check with your venue as they may have an easel. If not, you can likely rent one from your rental company through your caterer or directly from a specialty rental company.

Ceremony Programs 

Ceremony programs list the order of events and who is involved. For example, if someone is doing a reading during your ceremony, the program would list the name of the reader, and the name of the passage they are reading. 

Do I need it? Ceremony programs are typical for religious ceremonies. They can be especially helpful for an intercultural ceremony to break down the elements of the ceremony. Most non-denominational and/or non-religious ceremonies tend to be shorter and forgo programs. 

Tip: Consider designating an usher and have them arrive 30 minutes prior to your guests to pass out your ceremony programs as guests arrive. 

Order of Events Sign  

An Order of Events sign acts as an abbreviated timeline. It includes things such as the Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception, First Dance, Cake Cutting, Party/Dance time, and Send-off (if you’re having one). 

Do I need it? This sign is totally optional. It is a fun addition but it won’t be missed if you don’t have it! 

Reminder: If you have an Order of Events Sign you will need to have an easel for it! 

Reception Signage 

Seating Charts Vs. Escort Cards Vs. Place Cards 

Seating charts, escort cards, and place cards all serve the same basic function of helping your guests find their correct seat and/or table. However, they all work in different ways. To figure out which will work best for your event, let’s chat through the options. 

Seating Charts 

Seating Charts have guests’ names and indicate which table they are sitting at. They should be organized in alphabetical order by last name or by the table. Seating charts (when used without place cards) are great for buffet-style dining. 

There are many ways to create a seating chart. Popular options include printing or calligraphy on foam board, mirrors, linen, or wooden signs. 

Tip: For weddings over 100 we recommend ordering by guests’ last name as this will help guests find their name faster. Also, remember to rent an easel if your seating card requires a stand. 

Place Cards 

Place cards denote the specific seat for each guest at their table. If you would like to assign specific seats to your guests you will also need to have a seating chart or escort cards to direct them to their table and then place cards at each setting to indicate to guests which seat is theirs. Place cards are ideal for formal sit-down dining. 

Place cards also indicate the guest’s meal selection. To do this you will need to mark them with an icon or color to indicate each guests’ entree selection. 

Tip: Remember to share your meal selection code/color key with your venue, caterer, and wedding planner. 

Escort Cards

Escort cards have your guests’ names and tables written on them. They are organized alphabetically by the last name for your guests to collect at the end of cocktail hour and bring them to their tables. Once they are at their tables, they are free to choose their own seat. Escort cards will need to be set up somewhere on the day of your wedding, either on a table or on an escort card display. 

Escort cards can also be used to indicate meal selections in the same way place cards do through a predetermined key.  Escort cards work well for semi-formal and casual events.  

More Reception Signage 

Table numbers 

These are pretty self-explanatory! Just ensure your table numbers are clearly viable on your table. You can find lots of table numbers on Minted and Etsy. 

Do I need them? Absolutely. 

Don’t forget to order stands/holders for your numbers if they don’t already come with them! 

Guest Book Sign

Guest books signs remind your guests to sign your guestbook. For more creative guests books or guest book alternatives, couples will opt to include instructions on the signage.

Do  I need one? While not necessary we do recommend a sign.

You may need to purchase a stand or frame for this sign! Also, don’t forget pens or other items you want guests to use to sign your book! 

Gift & Card Sign

This sign is typically placed next to your Gifts & Cards Box. 

Do I need one? We recommend having a card box and a sign to point it out to your guests. 


If you’re having a buffet-style dinner we recommend printing one menu sign for each buffet. For a plated dinner you can print menus for each place setting (guests will have chosen their dinner selections but menus act as a refresher and added decor) or you can forgo menus entirely. 

Do I need them? Printing your menus is optional for either a buffet or a seated dinner.

Bar Sign

Places on each bar to let guests know what options they have to choose from. 

Do I need them? Bar signs are optional but highly recommended for a comfortable guest experience, especially if you have a signature cocktail or limited bar. They help guests determine their drink order before they get to the bartender which helps move the line faster.

Purchasing your Signage

When looking for your signage we recommend starting with Minted and Etsy which both have lot’s of options.

You’re also going to need to purchase picture frames or small easels for your signs. We recommend Amazon, Etsy or at your local Hobby Lobby type store. 

For all your signage inspiration check out our Wedding Signage Pinterest board! 


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